The building of the block which will be the classrooms for standard 7 and 8 is taking shape nicely! All of our fundraising efforts are going into this project due for opening September 2024 

Most of the primary brickwork is completed. Next will be the fitting of roofing timbers and metal sheets. These items are fully funded and will be available for installation in early June.

Here is a picture of two of the other 3 blocks. This is how block 4 will eventually look in time for the September 2024 opening. However we will need to raise funds for equipping the new classblock...

... we need to finance desks, paint for the walls, flooring and chalk boards. As the progression towards secondary education draws closer, core curriculum textbooks in order for exam studies will also be essential.

The school's third term started on 15th April. Here is the Martin Academy director addressing members of the PTA informing them of the terms events. The building plans for standard 7 and 8 classrooms were approved.

The foundations being measured, excavated and hardcore quarry stone being added to the bedding for the brickwork. The builders work very hard for which we are grateful. The little girl in the backbround is overseeing things !!

The outline brickwork for the new block taking shape nicely! There have been violent storms in part of Malawi recently and the origininal plans for the new school block have been adjusted to allow for excess waters to be safely diverted.

The brickwork for the first couple of walls is going up well. As can be seen from the photograph, the school is situated in quite a rural area which is beneficial for the children who are not, as a resul, subjected to car fumes! 

March   2024

(Term ends 28th March)

Please help with our fundraising

The school held another quiz night and debate. Here is a young member of the winning team receiving their prize.

During the month there was a football and netball match arranged with a neighbouring school. The players here are being briefed!

Here is one of the football matches in progress. Not quite world cup standard..but getting there!

Part of the first delivery of cement financed from our fundraising. The structure of block 4 will begin in April !

February 2024. Our fundraising starts for the building of the last two classrooms (block 4) for standards 7 & 8

Its a lengthy, labour intensive project, starting with foundations and going on from there.

The bricks have already been funded and here they are ready to build the final structure

Here's an archive photo of one of the previous blocks we have built showing the hard manual work that goes into the project

From 2023, the children and parents enjoying the last day of term activities .. January 2024 and the parents and carers being welcomed and informed by Dolla, the Martin Academy Director.

Its clearly a bit wet in Malawi in January ! as can be seen from this photo. However, it doesnt stop the information programme going ahead!

"Careers day" was a success. Here are children as Soldiers..

.. as Nurses.. Lawyers and businessmen !

On 22nd December the teachers and carers at Martin Academy..

Celebrated the end of the Winter school term... Here's to a great Spring Term !

One of the highlights in November was a quiz night held jointly with a  nearby school. 

The Martin Academy children, in their colourful school unform, were applauded by the appreciative by the audience

Here we see the Master of Ceremonies for the event announcing the winners and distributing the prizes

Our recently appointed qualified teacher: Mr Geoffrey Julio. Geoffrey will be teaching Standard 5 children.

This is the school's director, Dolla, getting to grips with the new laptop computer donated from UK fundraisers.

A decision has been made to commence building the standard 7 classroom during 2024. Here we see workmen engaged in moulding the bricks. 

This is the new Standard 6 teacher.
His name is Mr Henderson Mbewe.  He is a highly qualified teacher chosen from a broad range of applicants for the position. We have to inform you 
that Mcnevers, the school's erstwhile head teacher, has moved to an alternative school. The Martin Academy would like to thank him for his input into our school.

The first day of the new school year and here is a photo of all the teachers, old and new, eager to get to their classes and to begin the 2023/24 school year- best of luck everyone!

August 2023

It’s holiday time so admin, repairs, and replenishing supplies take importance over teaching the children. Text books for Standard 6 ( the last year of primary) were sourced. 

A really great infographic-based flyer and enrolment information form. This was produced for the residents of the village who would like their children to attend the Martin Academy. 

Security of the school, its children and supplies are becoming more and more an area that needs to be addressed. Locks for the exterior doors were purchased and fitted. 

One of the main areas which we need to maintain is the school’s desks. These are costly items and need to be kept in tip top condition. In addition the walls were redecorated and the blackboards resurfaced. 

July 2023

A colourful picture of Dolla, the school director, with her assistant. This is at the beginning of the graduation ceremony and shows some pupils receiving their prizes and diplomas. 

A lovely photo of the Martin Academy sponsored children together with their  parents and carers

Best English speaker receiving her well earned gift from the graduation  day’s guest of honour Mr Victor Nyanyaliwa.

Here’s a great picture of all of the school staff ( with the Director sitting on the floor! ) enjoying lunch at the end of the day’s proceedings. 

June 2023

The bus that took the children and teachers on the eagerly awaited trip to Mulanje. 

The schoolchildren enjoying their Malanje trip. 

The hardworking and wonderful teachers at the Martin Academy with Dolla the school director. They kept the children safe and well during the Mulanje trip. 

A selection of some of the well earned gifts to be awarded at the end of term educational prize-giving  and school festivities. 

   May 2023

This is Thandie Zimtambira. We are very proud to welcome Thandie to the school. She will be teaching Standard 5 children. 

Above is a lovely photo of our current sponsored children with their teachers and the school director- Dolla Blanzio

Here’s a photo of Dolla ( on the left) with the Chairperson of the committee representing the school’s sponsored children.

A meeting of Dolla with parents to update and discuss changes and positive up- coming upgrades at our school. 

April 2023

Here we see the final delivery of the current 'Desk Project' They were delivered just in time for the opening of the school.

The latest recipients of school desks- Standard 3.
The government had decided that,since the cyclone, schools would not be allowed to open..

...until certain criteria for re-opening had been attained. This involved bridging newley formed storm rivers around the school..

...and closing gaps in the roof areas where rain could get in. This was successfuly achieved and the 'green light' given to re open !

March 2023- Deadly Cyclone hits Malawi

Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi. The storm is the worst ever  in the southern hemisphere. We were quickly able to send a large donation to assist the villagers in Chiwembe where our school is situated.

These are volunteers from the school and associated church, distributing humanitarian aid to those in need locally. There has been a huge national and international aid effort. 

Sadly, homes have been destroyed , communities are cut- off and there has been a huge loss of life. We are grateful the El Shaddai school is safe.

February 2023

School fully opened- Here's a picture of Standard 5 ( 10-11 year olds) Happy to be back in school. Their uniforms look so smart !

With new funding secured our desk project ( of eventually supplying desks for every year) continued..
We have an ongoing funding need for this project ( each desk costs £40)

Some of the children at their already supplied desks. Those in the previous photo will complete this class year complement of desks!

January 2023- Cholera outbreak

 Just as the children were getting ready to return to school after the Christmas break, Cholera struck Malawi. 

 All schools had to remain closed until they had mains water laid on. With our supporters' help we managed to acheive this. 

Within 3 days mains water was installed and our school reopened.
An incredible swift response to an awful event.

September 2022. 
Visit by one of our major sponsors- 
Dr Jean & Mrs Yvonne Dumas

Welcoming party at the airport

Dr Jean signing books

Assembly for the guests

Larger assembly !

Jean & Yvonne with El Shaddai director Dolla, and her two children

Youngsters question and answers

At church. With the Head teacher, Bishop Mcnevers. 

Parents and children at graduation day

Dr & Mrs Dumas, Dolla and Mcnevers with graduate !

Beautiful, colourful graduates

Village Chief Chiwembe with the Dumas's at the unveiling of their commemorative plaque

Final photo shoot- Dr and Mrs Dumas, Chief Chiwembe and staff, School Director Dolla and the Headteacher McNevers. The end of a great visit, wonderfully arranged 

August 2022

These are the sponsored children at the El Shaddai school. Due to the amazing generosity of our sponsors we now have 25 children whose lives are being nurtured by dedicated teachers & carers. Without you, sponsors, these children would not have such an education !

Here's a great picture, taken at the trip to Chileka airport. It shows the El Shaddai Director, Dolla. With her are the school's six teachers and Isaac the school cleaner. The Teachers are: Hope, Yohane, Pirirani, Joice, Felister and Anna. A fine team delivering first class education

On 19th August a selection of children, including those being sponsored, went by coach to Chileka airport. There are only 2 international airports in Malawi. The other is at Lilongue. It is such an adventurous outing for the children. They sang and danced throughout the visit!

June/July  2022

Work on the new block ( block 3) continues with the roofing being installed. Unfortunately material prices in Malawi have risen steeply recently.The Government there devalued the Kwacha by 25%

This is Mcnevers Blanzio. Not only is he Head Teacher of the El Shaddai school he is also a minister. In June we are delighted to tell you that he was ordained as a Bishop. Huge congratulations Mcnevers !

One of the final things to be done with any new building and to protect it from the elements is plastering-inside and out. Here you can see the plastering starting on the outside walls of the new block

May 2022

Most of the sponsored children, posing a group shot, in May 2022. The children are in excellent hands during school time. We encourage their parents or carers to support the children at home.

Construction has begun on the third school block. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic and the awful invasion by Russia into Ukraine we have found that matrrial costs have risen by over 20%. But we will endure ! 

 The new, third block will eventually house two year groups. These will be year five ( the current year four) and the year after, 2023 it will be the classrooms Onfor  years five and six. We thank everyone for making kind donations to our project

Here are some of the school children 'overseeing' the construction of the new school block. Over the course of June and July 2022 the roof timbers and coverings will be installed. The walls will be plastered and painted and the floors screeded

March/April 2022

This is some of tour sponsored students at the end of the Spring term in March.

The El Shaddai school is progessing brilliantly. These are some of the happy children at their new desks!

Here are the children at assembly on the first day of the new term in April.

As El Shaddai develops and grows, more teachers are needed. This is Pilirani the new std3 teacher..Welcome !!

Jan/Feb 2022

This is some of the Standard 4 students standing proudly behind their new desks.
We are pleased to say that we have now begun a  fundraising campaign to equip the Standard 3 students with desks!

The El Shaddai school is rapidly taking shape and heading towards being one of the most successful projects in the village of Chiwembe and the surrounding areas.

Some of the classroom resources at the school. In the past Lynn and I have taken extra suitcases full of needed resources to the school. The pandemic stopped our visits but we hope that 2022/23 will see us, once again, going out to wonderful Malawi !

December 2021

During December the school was closed for the Christmas holidays. This was an ideal opportunity for the work to be completed on new toilet block

The new project for the start of the new term was the addition of new desks into the Standard 4 classrooms. Here you can see a picture of some of the "skeleton" desks before completion.
This was a shared project funded by the school and our sponsors. We are pleased to announce that the project has been fully funded.

November 2021

Friday 19th November was the end of the school year for El Shaddai. Here are some of the graduating students at El Shaddai, looking very smart in their caps & gowns.

The talented, hard working El Shaddai school Director, Dolla Blanzio seen here
announcing the names of the graduating students.

The equally talented and highly respected, School Head, McNevers Blanzio assisting his wife, Dolla, in congratulating the graduating students.

Some of the El Shaddai students pictured with the school staff. All  have performed so well, during what has been a difficult year due to the global COVID pandemic. 

October 2021

The children at El Shaddai school celebrating the birthday of Terry Martin and the naming of The Martin Academy in his honour and that of his wife Lynn as the founders, major patrons and sponsors.

The ever-progressing El Shaddai school. With two school blocks and new WC area completed we are looking forward to starting the building of block number three to be ready for the new intake next year.

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Some of the hard -working staff at the school proudly standing behind the new Martin Academy signage. 

May 2021

We had a meeting with the guardians of the sponsored children and we encourage them to care and support the children at home.
This is what they said
"We are very thankful to El Shaddai School, Lynn, Terry and all the sponsors for the great work you do to for our children as well as for us..

 ..We were having problems in paying school fees for the children due to family financial problems. 

When our children were offered sponsorship for their schooling we were really happy ..and are still happy for that. May God bless you all and give you long and healthy life..Thank you"

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The spring term at El Shaddai ended today May 7th. with celebrations.The term started with 154 children and 11 children left during the term for various reasons.
This left 143 children, all who sat for exams.
Overall , the exam  results were encouraging:
131 children passed - 60 boys and 71 girls making a pass rate of  92%