Our first visit to the original school in 2018

Meeting the children

The original school block

Lynn, myself and the Head Teacher , Mcnevers, formally opening the school.

The school needed to move as the landlord took back the original land

Some land was found..

..and we bought it !

The work began building a forever school !

Foundations were laid 

...and the building began...

Local workmen were quick and efficient

After two weeks the first block was taking shape

..the children and staff were very happy !

In September 2019 the new school opened..

But then, in 2020 -Covid lockdown, schools closed. However it gave us the opportunity to expand..

Honouring Terry's contribution in founding El Shaddai School. In Oct 21 The Martin Academy was created. 

The workmen plastering over the brickwork

Good roofing is essential in Malawi- Lots of rain !!

The painting of the school blocks starting 2022

The painting completed in time for the Dumas's Visit September 2022